We all know the most awaited video game of the decade, Rockstar’s GTA VI is right around the corner! It is to be launched and in the market by April 2025. So does Sony’s newest addition to its play stations, The Brand New PS5 Pro. Some say it is a must-have to play GTA 6. Opposed to what anyone else might think, I believe it is very true.

Sony’s new PS5 boasts compatibility for 120 fps (frames per second) with suitable games. Judging from what is out there on media and the trailer of GTA 6 it does seem GTA VI is compatible for 120 fps. This is why you need to be all ready with your PS 5 pro to welcome Lucia and Jason and the warm coastline of Vice City in 2025!

Sony’s PS5 Pro includes a wide range of features that make the entire experience so real and life-like. It promises lightning-fast loading times, Haptic feedback settings which allow a more immersive experience, adaptive triggers when you get into the game, and 3D audio. It also contains an Ultra speed SSD which supports the speed. This is supposed to be the best of Sony’s playstations!

Features of PS5 that will enhance GTA 6 experience

Adaptive Triggers mimic interactions in gameplay. Let’s say you were shooting, PS5 takes it to another level with this feature. You will literally be able to feel the tension as if you are holding a gun itself while playing with PS5! This feature is especially cool while playing GTA VI cause we know if it is GTA there is definitely going to be a lot of shooting!

Haptic Feedback is another great feature that will out you right inside Vice City. This feature of the PS5 mimics the environment and vibrations surrounding it. So you can feel the rain or the ocean waves crashing while you are running your mission in Vice City.

The next best thing about PS5 is the Built-in Microphone. Yes! There is one right in the middle of PS5 with this you can freely talk to your teammates while you are on a mission. If it gets annoying you can also mute it with the mute button on the PS5 itself.

This feature might be for you if you are a gameplay vlogger. Want to capture your best moments inside GTA VI? Then this Play Station has got it covered for you. You can select your social networks and share them with the Network option.

Tired of waiting to load the game again and again? Worry not! The ultra-speed SSD built-in PS5 allows for infinite times of loading. Also instantly. Which comes real handy while playing GTA. If you are a designer, this PS5 will work miraculously. Whether you are looking to create mods for GTA 6 in the near future, This will work wonders! This SSD’s high performance leads to seamless video game building as never before!

In this quest to make gaming more realistic and to bring the game world to your home, Sony has integrated Ray Tracing technology on PS5. Which leads to natural lightning and shadowing within PS5-supported games.


Experience crisp graphics and seamless moves with 120 fps in PS5. While we still do not know how GTA VI is coming out to be or whether it will support 120 fps, Let’s hope it does! So far the news is the Internal AI upscaling of PS5 will make this possible. Sony’s new PS5 Pro is supposed to be dropped somewhere near the latter half of 2024 and it is named to be the Powerhouse of play stations. Bright natural colors and 120 fps combined with all the other technologies and features of PS5 GTA VI are going to be epic. Perhaps it is indeed true when they say PS5 is a must-have for GTA VI! So while you await the launch of GTA VI 2025, Get yourself a brand new all-rounder, Sony’s newest PS5 pro in 2024!

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