GTA 6 is coming out in 2025. Which is literally next year! I know it could be pretty confusing when it comes to release dates and when the trailers drop etc. So if you were wondering where you can get credible, and up-to-date news about GTA 6 you have come to the right place.

There are Pages, Channels, and even Social Media where you can get these updates on. We have broken down the best sources across all media as below.


1. IGN

So IGN is pretty well known in the gaming community. This is one of the top sites which deliver news on a wide variety of games. Across their website, you can find blog articles on news, reviews, walkthroughs, etc. 

Since GTA is a massive game, IGN has a section dedicated to GTA 6. You can find all the latest news about GTA 6 here. It has images and screenshots of the upcoming gameplay. You can speculate information such as the Size, map, and how long it would take as soon as these are released. 

2. Kotaku

If you are more into in-depth articles, Kotaku is your best choice. Kotaku is known for its investigative research and lengthy blogs that explain it. Kotaku has its inside reporters, and they speculate a great deal about Rockstar Games. As of now GTA 6 is speculated to be later than the banner year, and one of the first websites to report this was Kotaku. 

Kotaku has its name for being a reputable research site in the Gaming world. You can follow up on Kotaku to get the latest and the hottest news of GTA 6. 

3. GTA Base

Unlike the first two, this website is entirely based on GTA. This isn’t a gaming blog. GTA Base is a fan-run site that brings you all the latest GTA news and speculations. 

GTA Base will bring you the latest fan theories and everything that interests you as a fan of GTA 6. One of their most popular blog posts is about the “Vehicle List of GTA 6”. This blog article consists of all vehicles seen at the GTA VI: Trailer 1.

Likewise GTA Base will be more appealing to you as a fan. We believe it resonates more among GTA fans worldwide. So if you want more personalized news on GTA, GTA Base is a good source to keep up with.

YouTube Channels

1. TheGamingRevolution

This YouTube channel also covers a lot of games across their videos. The Gaming Revolution has about 434k subscribers as of now. They regularly update their channel with videos and provide with up to date information about games. 

GTA 6 is not an exception to this channel. They bring the latest news, and speculation, and more than that their in-depth analysis videos are a crowd favorite. If you want just a little bit more than just news The Gaming Revolution is a good channel to follow. It’s not just Rockstar games or GTA 6 they have unique content and mind-blowing insights as well!

2. MrBossFTW

‘Mr Boss FTW’ has a massive subscriber count on YouTube, currently standing at 3.23M subscribers. This channel is popular for bringing the most current news about GTA 6. They do talk shows and publish videos on rumors, leaks, and news from Rockstar Games. 

‘Mr. Boss FTW’ is a good channel to follow up on if you want to get the latest news on the price of GTA 6, the release dates, etc. They constantly update their channel with new videos about GTA 6 so you won’t miss out on anything for sure!

Social Media

When it comes to sources on GTA 6 we cannot ignore the Social Media channels after all.  The official Social media accounts of Rockstar Games on Instagram, and Twitter are of course without question the best credible sources. 


However, when it comes to social media, Reddit is something you cannot ignore. The GTA6 subreddit has 1.0M members in the community. This is a cool place to be to wait alongside other GTA fans. Some of the craziest theories and speculations take form here on Reddit in my opinion. It’s actually pretty fun to follow up on GTA 6 on Reddit. However, you might need to be more careful about trusting all news cause the credibility is questionable after all. 

These are just a very few from the endless sources out there on the Internet. However, the above sources are always up to date and mostly accurate related to GTA 6!

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