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Last Update On - April 09, 2024

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GTA 6 News is a webiste dedicated to provide you with the latest mods built for GTA 6. If you are new to the whole GTA 6 Modding thing then GTA is so popular that it is known by anyone and everyone in the gaming community. The newest version of the widely popular Mafia game, Grand Theft Auto, popularly going by its short abbreviation GTA is a sandbox game developed under Rockstar Games. The gaming community has been anticipating a new release of GTA for years and perhaps we can finally see some light shed on GTA 6. Since the game creators were big on keeping their upcoming plans pretty secretive, We had very little to nothing of GTA 6. Until the biggest controversy around GTA 6 happened back in 2022 September. Where a 17 year old hacked into Rockstar games and leaked 90 videos and screenshots related to GTA 6. Though it was taken down from the internet pretty soon it gave a good tease on to how the early development stages of GTA 6 looks like and what the fans can expect. Thus Rockstar Games acknowledged the issue and put up a community post on Twitter promising their fans the upcoming GTA 6 is indeed underway.

What you can expect

The gameplay is most likely to be set in Vice City, which is more like a fictional version of Miami in GTA. There is a higher possibility of adding multiple locations to GTA 6. However it has been said game creators are focusing more on creating interior locations and modifying them for missions this time. On another article Bloomberg quotes Rockstar games would be adding multiple cities but they will be added with time and as the players advance through the game. This will be done in a regular basis. What we certainly know is that GTA 6 might not be limited to Vice city. There is more to expect and explore within the city for the players. In fact the leaked videos from late 2022 contained videos of Jason and Lucia going to dine in at a restaurant, Night clubs, Normal streets and the city in broad day light. Which suggests the various types of locations they might be including in GTA.

These leaked videos clearly showed a modern day setting to GTA 6. Unlike the previous versions which are set in 1980s it’s clear by the clothes and how the NPCs are using smartphones that this game is set in Modern day. One thing that caught the attention of fans all over the world was a clip of “Jason” entering the Vice City Metro. Which fans had gone crazy over to see the new enhanced modern day setting of Vice City, which appeared in GTA 3. Fans were particularly keen on observing the details of this video. Where they found snapshots of locations of Vice City that they are so familiar with. This includes places like the Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel, The Vice beach, little Haiti and so. Of course we can expect these places to have been modified and enhanced as game locations. For missions and story line events. Fans are thrilled to see how Rockstar games would incorporate the old 80s locations to modern day.

GTA 6 Leaks

The rumours and talk around Grand Theft Auto 6 suggests that this time it will be set after the events in GTA 5 and will be continued from there. However the map of GTA 6 is twice as big as the map in GTA 5, which featured Los Santos. Some sources even suggest the map could be even bigger than that! With more locations and layers of inner locations to be unlocked. GTA 6 is most likely to have an ‘evolving map’. This is a hot topic around GTA 6 and it’s release. Tom Henderson, prominent battle field miner and leaker has mentioned GTA 6 would mostly take a similar approach to Fortnite. Where they update the map seasonally. While Evolving maps takes off a bit of weight off the shoulders of the game makers, It opens up more avenues of storytelling. Instead of focusing and pulling their energy and time into building landscapes evolving maps can continue the story with new avenues. Which also means the map won’t stay the same, frozen, stagnant. It will evolve with the game and as the players level up.

As the hustle around GTA 6 is ever increasing of course the modding community of GTA has started their work. There are already so many mods out there to help elevate your game while playing GTA 6. The mods are created on top of GTA V. These GTA 6 mods promises new graphics, new vehicles and new weapons to add to your game. Fans have gone to the depths of even creating their own version of “Lucia” using mods. Some of the other mods of GTA 6 suggests to give a bit of personality towards the vehicles of GTA. These mods add more personification features to cars and back stories to them. There are even GTA 6 mods to walk on water! Which has already been developed. Though it isn’t much there are GTA 6 modding files available to download. This shows as to how enthusiastic the gaming community is regarding GTA 6.

GTA 6 Release Date

Whatever the rumors, the excitement and fan observations are about GTA 6 Rockstar Games still hasn’t even put forth a trailer or even an official teaser for GTA 6. Other than the official statement in 2022 which Rockstar Games said it will take around 2 years for the release of GTA 6, there hasn’t been anything else. However the community is buzzling with excitement for GTA 6. For all we know, The release if GTA will be in 2024 or it could even go to 2025. As Rockstar Games promised back in 2022 after the incident, we all hope to see an official introduction to GTA 6. After all GTA 6 is going to break the internet when they finally release even the slightest officially! Stick with GTA 6 Modding to get latest updates and news about the release.

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