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Simple Zombies Mod - GTA 6 Modding
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Simple Zombies Mod v3.1

This mod is for survival game lovers. It is called Simple Zombies Of course as the name suggests, this mod adds a whole new survival mode to your average GTA game. This is the best way to add more chaos to your game. This will release an army of zombies on you. You might want to tread lightly, but most importantly be as quiet as you can, cause the noise attracts the hoard! While you are inside the universe of Simple Zombies, do not forget that it is a survival mod! You need to balance your sleep and food. The Simple Zombies mod allows us to hunt for food. So make sure to hunt a lot and find places to rest on the GTA map. Weapons are provided, and we must build a camp against the zombies. Within these camps, friendly survivors can take a rest. Remember, the zombies will not show you any mercy!

And you need to keep your weapons loaded at all times to win the game. Building forts and walls to keep the enemy out is a must! Simple Zombies, allow players to craft items when they press C. Your health is pretty important here, so make sure to keep up your health points. Pressing F10 will bring forth the zombie menu. Hitting I brings the inventory and E will allow you to repair any vehicle with low engine health. There is more to Simple Zombies. Definitely worth a try, cause it is not every day you get to survive a zombie apocalypse, especially within the maps of GTA!
29 Jan, 2024
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to install Simple Zombies _3.1 ?

After you download the file, you can simply install it if it is an exe file or you can move it to the mod folder.

Why do I get warnings from my Antivirus?

Why my download speed is very slow?

The download link is not working?

Download Simple Zombies MOD for GTA 6

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