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Ghosts Exposed Mod for GTA 6 - GTA 6 Modding
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Ghosts Exposed Mod Mod v1.0

Mini-games are not that popular in GTA, however, the Ghosts Exposed mod brings you an interesting mini-game to give you some thrilling and horror experiences. This mini-game is all about catching ghosts and taking pictures of them. It certainly would be a fun thing to do if you are kind of bored with the game. There are some limitations to this game as well. You can play with Ghosts exposed mod only between 2 AM to 4 AM. And also you need to remember that you should take pictures with your iFruit camera. That way you can collect pieces of evidence that these ghosts exist. This mod is newly published and might not be that popular with gamers so far. But it is something you should definitely try.
23 Nov, 2023
Latest version
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to install Ghosts Exposed Mod _1.0 ?

After you download the file, you can simply install it if it is an exe file or you can move it to the mod folder.

Why do I get warnings from my Antivirus?

Why my download speed is very slow?

The download link is not working?

Download Ghosts Exposed Mod MOD for GTA 6

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