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Gang and Turf Mod - GTA 6 Mods
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Gang And Turf Mod Mod v1.7.2

This is another great mod that brings violence into GTA 6. Gang and Turf is making it possible for you to maintain a gang. With your gang, you can control your territory and make money. It is kind of a dream for all of us to have our own gang and control an area with violence, well with Ganng and Turf mod you can make it a reality in GTA. To install it, you need to download the file with the button below, once you open the mod folder you will find a readme file that contains the game controls regarding the mod. Also, you need to copy the other two folders and paste them into the GTA directory.
23 Nov, 2023
Latest version
Base Game
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to install Gang And Turf Mod _1.7.2 ?

After you download the file, you can simply install it if it is an exe file or you can move it to the mod folder.

Why do I get warnings from my Antivirus?

Why my download speed is very slow?

The download link is not working?

Download Gang And Turf Mod MOD for GTA 6

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