It’s been over 3 months since Rockstar released the very first GTA 6 trailer on YouTube. I have seen the trailer countless times over and over again, and we all have to agree that “Love is a Long Road” by Tom Petty is stuck in our brains for a lifetime. The “Grand Theft Auto Trailer 1” now holds 181 million views on YouTube, easily gaining the most viewed gaming trailer launched ever! Of course, the excitement was real, but fans around the world are so keen on a second trailer of GTA 6. GTA fans are so distraught over how little information has been released on GTA VI after. The speculations have taken a wild turn. Someone on Reddit even counted the number of holes in the prison cell, where Lucia is show cast for the first time in the trailer! We all know how keen GTA fans can be when picking on small details regarding the game. Anyhow, here is a breakdown of what we know so far about the next events lined up for GTA.

1. Launch of PS5

Sony released its newest addition to its PlayStation series, the brand new PS5. So far, according to sources GTA VI will only be released on PS5 and Xbox series X. It won’t be releasing to previous versions, PS4 or Xbox One. While this can be quite a disappointment for some, Just think about the opportunity to play this massive game on the brand-new PS5. Sony released its specs on their website and it will be a real banger when these two extraordinary projects blend to bring you the best gaming experience.

2. The Map

Among the many things fans are obsessing about, The Map of GTA VI takes the cake quite clearly. As we know so far, GTA VI is to be held in Vice City, set in modern times. We all saw the posters, and the trailer, and Rockstar has gone the extra mile to bring Miami to our screens in a very real way! That being said, The Map of GTA VI is going to be bigger than we think. On a scale, it is rumored that the lake itself is the size of downtown Los Santos. Another thing, according to Bloomsburg is it won’t be a static map. This means the map will be regularly updated with more interior locations and cities as we go along. Pretty excited to explore this vast space inch by inch!

3. Release Dates

The banner year for GTA VI is 2025. “yes, but when??” well pretty much the answer is Rockstar has not officially declared anything, But fans who predicted the trailer 1’s release dates accurately claim GTA VI will be released in the first quarter of 2024. Possible months February or March. The good news is the second trailer of GTA VI can be launched any day now. It should be here at least by April is my good guess. Since the first Trailer focused on Lucia and her narrative, It can be safely assumed the second trailer will focus on Jason. This trailer would give us an insight into his back story and perhaps show more scenes of them together. So fingers crossed, Rockstar release the second one soon!

4. Characters

As I mentioned above, The game will have 2 main protagonists. Lucia and Jason. Though the man has not been named officially yet. Since the banner poster, includes both of them, we can be affirmed both of them are playable characters. Whether we can switch from one character to another within the gameplay and what their strengths are yet to be revealed.

So far we know more about Lucia than Jason. The central jail scene which Trailer 1 starts focusing on, has captivated many fans’ attention. It is quite natural to wonder whether we will have missions we can run within the jail too. If it does, it will sure get exciting. Lucia sounds like a badass. Her curvaceous body and style got a lot of attention. She comes off as very bold, and confident. After all, she is going to be the very first playable character of the GTA VI franchise. She has got to have IT if you know what I mean. You all will have to stick around till Rockstars drops more teasers to see it in real life though.

5. More rumors on GTA VI

While we cannot be sure of anything as of now, It is said that the game will have a 10-minute cinematic introduction at the start. The weather will be very dynamic, going from sunny skies and hot beaches to storms and rain and there will be floods even! The rivers and lakes will be infested with crocodiles, and I assume they will attack us while we try to do missions there. You can do hunting within the game. Also, GTA VI will come with a lot of side jobs you can take up to earn some extra cash. There will be a lot of cops and you need to look out for them! NPCs have access to cops and can report you for violence or carrying around guns in public. This is a new aspect added, but there will be the use of social media and I am pretty sure it will make the game a whole lot interesting! While these are just assumptions from leaks and widely spread rumors! What we do know is GTA VI is going to be legendary.

We have come 12 years without a new GTA and finally, we are here! It’s just months away from us. Rockstar employees are currently working their asses off for the final phase of GTA VI. So, grab your PS5s and wait for GTA VI in fiscal ’25!

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