GTA 6, is the most-awaited game of the decade! After 12 years of waiting, GTA fans finally reached the euphoria of GTA 6 release. On the 5th of December 2023, Rockstar Games released GTA 6’s very first official trailer. As YouTube records quote Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1 achieved an “extraordinary milestone” by breaking the record of the most viewed non-music video on YouTube
within 24 hours. Which was previously held by Mr. Beast. It’s evident how much the world has been waiting for GTA 6 to finally arrive on their screens.

Characters are well-celebrated

From previous leaks, we already know GTA 6 is supposed to have 2 main protagonists, Jason and Lucia. They are inspired by the infamous American criminal duo ‘Bonnie and Clyde’. This 90-second trailer of the GTA 6 show casts one of the main protagonists “Lucia” throughout it. So we can assume, “Jason” will be introduced later through another trailer in the future.

However, Lucia is celebrated well among GTA fans. When it was first announced Rockstar was going to get their first female protagonist the reactions were mixed. However, now we can observe a significant amount of positive remarks regarding Lucia. Fans are excited to get to know her and play. This might be a very exciting phase for fans and Rockstar alike!

Realistic location and setting

GTA VI is set in Vice City which is directly inspired by Miami. Most of the comments regarding the trailer elaborate on how well Rockstar has captured real life in Miami to the tee. Gamers and fans are ecstatic about how crazy alike it is to the real world. This one, I personally agree on. Rockstar Games has come back bigger and so much better this time. GTA fans are known for their detail-oriented speculations. Something, everyone had noticed alike is how realistic GTA VI seems to be, and again directly inspired by Miami people and their behavior. We have clubs, live streaming, social media, cars, and not just the fun and fame of Miami, but also the suburban areas. Alligators and swamps the raw Miami. This makes the anticipating crowd rejoice and await the arrival of GTA 6 even more.

We all know, the best thing about GTA is their open world. Fans love to immerse in this world and play around. The more realistic it is the better! Fans are so excited, that they get to experience the true Miami to its very core with GTA VI. Thousands of YouTubers had live-streamed their ‘first reactions’ to the GTA VI trailer. More videos, podcasts, and reviews were published across social platforms. YouTube records were published across all platforms the Trailer reached more than 90 million views from all these within the first 24 hours.


GTA is nothing without its vehicles. Everyone knows of GTA fans and their obsession with vehicles. Now, we certainly have no idea about what GTA VI has under its sleeve until it comes, We only got a mere glance at it through the first trailer. Yet, we can see the insane Vehicle collection they have showcased in this one. There are cars, motorbikes, and aircraft! Though it’s not official, here is a list of some of the vehicles spotted in the trailer. For cars, we have the Pfister Comet (GTA version of Porsche sports cars), Grotti Carbonizzare, Bravado Buffalo, Tulip ( This was the car Jason and Lucia were seen driving), and Liberator (The monster truck) so far.

As for motorbikes, Nagasaki Carbon RS makes an appearance in the trailer. This time with a lot of customization and different from its previous appearance in GTA V. Maverick, and Sea Sparrow 2 were helicopters seen in the trailer. The Maverick was seen several times across the trailer. All these aircraft and cars and motorbikes are very exciting! It will be so great to get a first-hand hold of these vehicles when GTA finally arrives!

Realistic graphics

The graphics of the new game is one to die for. Not even the protagonists, even the NPCs of the game look so realistic. The game developers have done a marvelous job of capturing the essence of human beings and the little details that make them more realistic. The NPCs even have acne marks on their faces, their bodies are well structured and even their behaviors mimic people very well. This is something the GTA community is so excited about. If the NPCs were also this advanced, how amazing the original game would be.

Mimics the current trends

Throughout the trailer you see, people with their phones, recording videos for social media. Drag races, Clubs, Girls twerking on the beach, on top of cars, and dressing up. These are all based on the Miami lifestyle. They have captured the influence of social media and how much it takes a toll on people’s day-to-day activities. We see live streams, comments, and likes rolling in on these clips. Making it more surreal and giving it that edge of the 2020s. Would there be more features with all these new technology
inside GTA VI? What kind of advantages would we get? Perhaps there would be a different style to complete missions this time around? Who knows! We all have to wait till 2025 to find out!

It’s with great anticipation the world awaits for the GTA 6 release. Some Reddit conversations even suggest fans quit smoking so that they can be healthy when GTA VI finally arrives to play! A simple glance of Vice City and GTA VI accompanied by a very catchy and trendy melody of ‘Love is a Long Road’ by Tom Petty has set fans on fire. When GTA VI finally arrives, it will break all its previous records. Most likely surpassing its predecessor GTA V. Which currently holds the record for the most-sold video game in the world! So wait until 2025, when GTA VI is finally on your Play Stations and You get to experience Vice City from the comfort of your own home!

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