The ever-famous, Rockstar Games 6th element of their franchise GTA 6 is about to release its very first official trailer! Yes! We are getting the Official Trailer On December 5th it’s coming to YouTube. At 9 am ET time USA. We are just a mere 4 days away from this record-breaking and the most-awaited gaming trailer of all time. Rockstar Games officially announced the release date of the GTA 6 trailer earlier today (on the 1st of December 2023) on Twitter. The tweet showcases a single carousel image containing the details of the Time and Date of the Trailer. The post has very tropical beach vibes. This gives the whole Vice City, Hawaiian Vibe with Palm Trees, and the sky painted with the prettiest sunset colors, as you can see! It seems the guesses of eagerly and our dear fans, of GTA 6 being set in Vice City are indeed true! It’s been over a decade since the GTA 5 trailer came out. Just like this on November 2nd, 2011. Right now it has over 92 Million views on YouTube. So many fans have been revisiting the GTA 5 trailer after they heard the news of GTA 6.

“12 years ago I watched this and the hype I had was unexplainable. 12 years later, I am so ready for the next trailer.” The top comment of the comment section of GTA 5 captures the sheer excitement around GTA 6 in one sentence! The Tweet from Rockstar Games, announcing the time and date of the GTA 6 trailer has already reached 1.5 million likes, and over 59.7k comments. This is even before it exceeded 24 ours from the tweet was posted!

GTA 6 is going to break the internet for sure. The trailer itself will gain so much attention, that some media even boldly assume it can surpass the Most watched Video within 24 hours on YouTube. Which is held by the worldwide famous K-pop band BTS “Butter” Music Video. We don’t know for sure what rockstar has up its sleeve. Mere days away from the first official trailer of GTA 6, The fan base is so excited and has gone crazy over it! GTA has a very keen and eagle-eyed fan base. Who can pick up on small queues and guess very close to the Game creator’s next move? One fan has already even created a pretty convincing map of GTA 6! So we finally get to see whether all the rumors are indeed true. How accurate are the guesses and of course to see how much of a bundle of surprises Rockstar Games has for us?
No matter what, we all know Rockstar’s reputation for its surprise elements, and of course its crazy storylines and amazing visuals.

It is safe to assume GTA 6 will be the next big thing in the gaming world. Breaking records and churning revenue for the game creators left and right! The mere mention of the trailer has set a spark for gaming fans worldwide. So if you are from the east coastline of the USA tune in at 9 am December 5th to get the first glimpse of this phenomenon! If you are from the UK it’s around 2 pm, and for most of Europe, it will be 3 pm. Whatever the timeline you are in on December 5th you and I are going to get mind-blown over GTA 6 very first official trailer! It’s going to break the internet for sure! Let’s meet on December 5th at 9 am with Vice City vibes and so much more to come! See you there.

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