GTA 6 Release

On November 8, 2023, Rockstar Entertainment tweeted “We are very excited to let you know that in early December, we will release the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto”. This became the most popular tweet so far in history! GTA needs no new introduction to anyone in the gaming world. From their action-packed adventurous missions, Powerful storylines, Narratives, Characters, and very detailed maps with stunning visuals and breathtaking scenery. Everything about GTA screams superior. Rockstar Entertainment’s most successful and beloved gaming series Grand Theft Auto is about to release the 6th game of their franchise. GTA V was released almost 10 years ago, and GTA fans have been eagerly waiting for the slightest glimpse of GTA 6 for way too long now.

After Rockstar Entertainment’s official declaration that “GTA 6 is indeed underway” back in February 2022 and addressing a few rumours and leaks, the Company had not come out to the media as much. Known for their secrecy, Rockstar Entertainment kept GTA fans around the world hooked until. In November 2023 they finally announced the very first trailer of GTA 6. This is set to premiere in December 2023, and the trailer alone is expected to break the records of the most-watched YouTube video in 24 hours!

Rockstar Entertainment’s announcement has started a frenzy among GTA fans. Their tweet reached 46 million views and their Instagram post compromising of the premiere has gained a whopping 3 million
likes! It goes without saying how much the fans are excited to get a glimpse of GTA 6. From the rumours and some official media agencies, we already know that GTA 6 is set to be on Vice City. Set in modern times, it is expected to bring forth the very first female main character of the Franchise. This character who is named “Lucy” alone gained so much attention from GTA fans. The characters ‘Lucy and Jason’ are said to be inspired by the famous American criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde. Fans are so excited to finally see whether all these rumours and guesses are in fact true.

Big numbers expected

As GTA 6, predecessor ‘GTA V: Los Santos’ is in the top 3 highest earning games of all time, GTA 6 is highly expected to do the same or even more. Rockstar Entertainment’s Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick quotes they expect around 8 billion USD when GTA 6 is finally available! It’s expected to make 1 Billion USD selling approximately 11.1 million copies in the first week of launch alone! The announcement has not specified a date for the GTA 6 trailer release. It only said, early December. Which can mean the first 2 weeks of December. However many fans believe this date most likely be in December’s first week. Rockstar Entertainment’s sudden announcement has started a chain reaction among GTA fans around the
world. Some of the Reddit discussions even point out that they have quit smoking to stay healthy for
when GTA 6 finally arrives so they can play well!

The trailer of GTA 6

The trailer has not even been released yet, but the mere announcement of it makes the fans go crazy. This
is expected to make revenue in Billions! GTA 6 release will break the internet for sure. The tweet alone broke the records. The Original Game? There is no argument there. Everybody knows. The most anticipated GTA 6 is coming and It will break the records for sure! Enjoy this Christmas with this sweet surprise from Rockstar Entertainment. GTA 6 very first Trailer at your doorstep for Christmas ’23!

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