From one of the most successful games so far GTA V; to the very famous and classic games of history
Pac-Man has Mods developed around them. We are writing this to reveal future predictions for 2024 for mods and mod menus. Modding, in its simple terms, is making custom modifications to the software and hardware of the computer system. This enhances the gameplay. It can be for looks, to develop skins, or for better performance, to add better sounds, Or to add new material to the game! Once you start using
mods it can get very addictive. Mod Menus were built around mods. A good Mod Menu can make a world of difference in my opinion. Of course, a good Mod can determine who gets the upper hand of the game.


Modders and Game developers usually go hand in hand. Some of the mods have made the original games so much more popular than it was like GTA. Sims, for example, continued to grow and expand with endless choices for its players thanks to modding. The history of Mods goes back to time, as early as the 80s, with the game ‘Castle Wolfstein’ which was modded to make the Nazis into Smurfs. The 90s was the blossoming era of modding. Mods became so popular, it even led to creating new games like DOTA and Counter-Strike.


The high technical skill required to build mods and keep updated with them, and the copyright infringement Issues from the game creators have mainly become obstacles for Modding. Mods are mainly built for PCs only. The mods distribution also seems limited, and not open to everyone. These are key issues which need to be addressed.


The rising popularity of Mods through the last decades has made Mods mainstream. There are
still concerns regarding security and copyrights. However, the future of mods looks promising.
Addressing the key issues around Modding, these are key opportunities for Modders in my opinion.

  1. First of all, There is an influx of Large publishers looking to foster Modders. These publishers,
    provide Modders with guidance, and resources and also protect them from copyright infringement
    possibilities. and Overwolf are 2 companies that are at the forefront of this trend.
  2. As open to the public as Mods are today, compared to back then. This needs to increase. Mods
    need to be able to accessible by anyone. Websites like NexusMods seem to do a good job.
    These types of websites, with their large script libraries, allow gamers to find them easily,
    and download and install them easily. This will create opportunities for Mods in the future.
  3. Enabling Cross-Platform Features. Mods as for now, are mainly built for PC. However in order
    to grow it desperately needs to adopt Cross Platform capabilities. Mods need to venture into
    X-Box and Mobile. We can see some Mod Loaders such as Lenny’s Mod Loader have started
    to take the initiative to enter Modding in mobile. Access to play mods through X-box and
    Mobile phones promise in demand future for Mods.
  4. Churning Revenue from Mods. Mods are mainly free. However, we can see there are
    subscriptions to various mods as well. If Mods can develop a subscription system, and
  5. Modders can earn revenue from them, it will attract more developers, entrepreneurs, and
  6. gamers towards Modding. Eventually leading to the expansion of the sector.
  7. Original game creators providing first-party or third-party tools or apps to build mods. One of
    the biggest risks in Modding is the copyright issues with Game developers. However, if Original
    game creators provide access to build mods and come up with a system for copyrights, this
    can generate more talented Modders in the community. Whereas the game creators can also
    keep track of experienced Modders.

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